Skip Bins Brisbane - provided by Bris-Skips

Bris-Skips provides skip bin hire to both commercial and residential customers within Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

Bris-Skips is a family owned company and has been operating locally since 2001.

We pride ourselves in giving prompt friendly service and competitive prices.

Skip Bin Hire Brisbane

Skip Bin Sizes - How to work out what bin size you need.

If the waste is already in a pile ready to be loaded then try to estimate the length, width and height of the rubbish to determine the bin size. For example, if the pile of rubbish measures 4m long, 3m wide and 0.5m high then you will need a 6m3 (4 x 3 x 0.5) bin.

As a guide, one of our more popular bin sizes for household customers is a 4m3 bin. This is equivalent to approximately 5 standard box trailer loads.

WARNING: If you need to fill the bin with concrete or soil then you are limited to a maximum bin size of 6m3. Any larger than that and the bin will be too heavy for the truck to carry legally.

Skip Bin Dimensions

Bin SizeLengthWidthHeight

Skip Bin Length of Hire - How long can I have the bin for?

The standard hire term for a skip bin is 7 days. However, you can have your bin removed at anytime within 7 days. An extra charge may apply if you want it for more than 7 days.

Waste Type - What sort of waste can be placed in Skip Bins?

You can put the following items in a skip bin:

  • general household rubbish
  • builders waste
  • green waste
  • soil
  • dry concrete

The following items CANNOT be placed into skip bins:

  • liquid paints
  • poisons
  • chemicals
  • toxic waste
  • batteries
  • tyres
  • gas bottles
  • oils
  • asbestos (unless you have specifically ordered an asbestos bin)

Asbestos Skip Bins

Do you have asbestos that you need to dispose of?

Bris-Skips is EPA Approved to transport Asbestos waste materials.
Being regulated waste all Asbestos needs to be contained in specially lined bins.
We put a plastic liner in the bin for you at the time of delivery. All you need to do is cover the bin with the plastic provided when you are finished and tape it so that it can't be blown open by the wind.

Use of bins for asbestos needs to be specified when ordering.

Bin Placement

Skip Bins need to placed behind the property line. Our trucks need access (e.g. the driveway) that is 3m wide by 3.8m high to be able to get in to the site and unload the bin.

Sometimes it is not possible to get the bin behind the property line. In these situations the driver will be able to help you find a spot for the bin at the time of delivery.

Bris-Skips Operating Hours

Monday – Friday
6am – 5pm

6am -12noon

Closed Sunday and public holidays